श्री बिष्णु पोख्रेल

श्री बिष्णु पोख्रेल


 Mrs. Pokhrel, Bishnu

E-mail: bishnupokhrel51@yahoo.com

Driving license: 10-127391

Advocate license: 7132

Working as an advocate since 20 years

Personal information

Mother’s Name                        :           Balika Pokhrel

Father’s Name                      :         Chudamani Pokhrel

Date of Birth                           :           2031/4/29

Citizenship                              :           Nepali

Marital Status                          :           Married

Sex                                          :           Female

Language Proficiency             :           English, Nepali, Hindi, Tharu & Awadhi

Place of Birth                          :           Bhingri -7, Pyuthan, Provence no 5

Permanent Address

Rajapur Municipality- 5, Bardiya

Current  Address

Nepalgunj, Sub- Metropolitan city-10, Banke, Province -5, Nepal

Academic Qualification

  1. L.L.M. in Human Right and Gender Justice from Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) with 1st division.
  2. Master’s Degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

Faculty: Humanities

Work Experience:

  • Worked as a member of Law drafting and recommendation Commission at Province, for  5
  • Worked as a social worker (member of juvenile Bench) District Court Banke for 5 year
  • Worked as paid lawyer at the District and High Court in Nepalgunj for 2 years;
  • Worked as social worker at the District Court of  Nepalgunj, Banke for 5 years and provided justice to the child victims;
  • Worked as Court Mediator in Nepalgunj for 3 years;
  • Worked as a team leader at RRN Nepalgunj and provided counseling service and filed cases on behalf of the conflict victims for 6 months;
  • Worked as a member of local peace committee in Banke for 7 years;
  • Worked as legal coordinator for Amnesty International, Nepalgunj, Banke branch for 3 years;
  • Working as an executive member of CAHURAST Nepal from 2063 BS to 2076
  • Working as an advocate and pleading cases on behalf of the victims of justice and conflict since 2000 AD;
  • Working as a freelancer on human rights, gender justice and transitional justice issues.
  • Worked at secretary at Nepal Bar Association District unite Banke Nepalgunj -women Legal Sector_
  • Orientation on parliamentary practice and law making process orientation for Provincial Assembly Member  by Nepal Law Society Province no. 5, 6 and 7.
  •  Worked as a Legal Advisor Pleading the cases related with Municipal Development Committee Kohalpur Banke for 1 year.
  • Worked as Regional legal advisor at Dalit NGO Federation DNF, Nepalgunj for 3 year
  • Training provided on Human Right, Child Right, Women Right, Mediation, Conflict management. Gender, democracy and rule of Law, Constitution Assembly Process and transitional justice issues.
  • Provided the Legal Aid service to victim people for 2 year by District Legal Aid Committee Banke -Government Organization.


  • Mahila Abhiyan – 2056
  • On overview the gender justice in Nepal, published in 2070 by district Local peace committee Banke (Article in Book)
  • Paper presented on the Women Lawyers conference 2073, the new draft provision of women rights in Civil and Criminal code
  • Published the article on women issue in different time, in Kantipur daily