Chairperson Mr. Surya Kiran Gurung, along with Commission members Lila Udasi Khanal, Madhabi Bhatta, and Manchala Jha has observed the National Martyr and Peace Park at Gokarneshwor Municipality, Kathmandu, on December 11, 2016. Mr. Mani Ram Ojha, Secretary of the commission, joint secretary Gopal Prasad Rijal under Secretary Madhav Prasad Pokharel were also in the team. During the visit, members and officials from the commission inquired to the park building and management committee's officials about completion and progress of the construction. The team from TRC has enthusiastically examined situation of progress and program on the occasion. The construction of the park is going on with the aim to symbolize the arm conflict of Nepal through its structure. The team of TRC had suggested for timely and orderly operation of the park.